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Presenting a list of various industry sectors happens quite often. You may need to lớn present the portfolio of your projects for various industries. Or you need to lớn show that your clients are from various areas – production, public services, and finance. If you are doing market research there is probably a chart representing different sectors.

In all those cases, adding a visual symbol for the specific business sector will make your presentation look more professional and attractive.

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To help you out we designed a mix of all industry icons in modern outline style. This post will give you a few design ideas how you can use those PowerPoint industry symbols to lớn enhance your charts or portfolio lists in your presentation.

You can find all the icons and slides here: Industries Outline Icons Bundle (see details by clicking the slide pictures with examples).

A typical challenge in preparing a presentation is how to lớn present information (especially bare numbers and statistics) in a compelling way sánh that the audience will follow and stay attracted to lớn your presentation nội dung.

Here are nine examples that demonstrate adding outline icons in various slide context. All illustrations are done from scratch in PowerPoint:

#1: Illustrating Bar Chart with Top Businesses Production Statistics

You can see a bar chart, which shows data on eight manufacturing spheres. Actually, two types of data can be visible in this diagram: one in greed color and another is in yellow. It is easy to analyze all the information, even though there are eight indexes.

Top manufacturing businesses industry icons outline

#2: Making Visual Industry Portfolio

Next example where you can need symbols for various business verticals is a presentation of project or company’s client portfolio slide.

portfolio slide ppt business industry

#3: Presenting Flowchart of a Supply Chain

Here’s another idea how you can show the logistics process on a simple readable diagram. The trick for keeping it simple is not to lớn put too many arrows and texts, just a few symbols and descriptive text will work.Supply Chain management General Picture ppt

#4: Comparing Import-Export Trade Charts

trade statistics pie chart outline icons

The first classic variant is to lớn use pie charts: show all main products with illustrative symbols (to save space and make clean slide). Notice a simple way to lớn distinguish import and export charts. As with all examples, the shapes and icons are editable vector objects sánh their color palette can be changed to lớn your preferences 🙂

Extra EU trade in services diagram import export

Another way to lớn create an attractive comparison chart if you have more data categories is to lớn present it in a column chart. For each industry sector, there is one outline pictogram depicting it.

#5: Zooming into a Pie Chart

If your slide is about a small part of the full market share, then you can use this way if presenting it: put this sector aside, write a mô tả tìm kiếm and percentage number and create kind of arrow, which leads to lớn ‘the big pie’.Average annual travel-related expenditures pie chart symbols ppt

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#6: Showing Customer Relationship Management Process Cycle

On the picture above you can see typical CRM process: from marketing to lớn tư vấn. Every stage is illustrated with a different color, an icon and descriptions.Customer Relationship Management Process model marketing sales tư vấn order

#7: Making Iconographic Categories Legend for a Chart

On this slide example, we use data of production and gross inland consumption of energy. We added here an illustrated legend for the energy sources.

You can easily replicate this kind of data legend for any chart with several categories. With the help of flat icons and vivid colors, the boring mặc định charts transform into nice readable infographics.

energy statistics fuel ppt outline icons

#8: Adding Data Labels on a Line Chart

Gross inland energy consumption stacked chart

Another idea you can try for an atypical chart is to lớn use a dark background. The line chart category is illustrated by an icon linked to lớn the specific line. Or when you use a filled area line chart you can place the outline symbol inside the area under data line – lượt thích we did with tractor icon representing the agriculture sector.

Take care the icon color is in contrast to lớn its background, sánh it will be visible also in too bright room conditions.

Total general government expenditure diagram bar chart

An alternative place to lớn put the icons is not inside the chart but on the separate legend area on a side.

To sum up, adding an icon to lớn represent an industry is a quick way to lớn make your presentation look professional. Whether you present a portfolio of the projects for various industry sectors or you want to lớn enrich your chart.

To ensure your new slide design looks professional remember about basic design rules – see more in Consistency in Presentation.

Resources for mixed industry presentations

It’s not easy to lớn find a modern and consistent mix of industry icons that cover all major business sectors. And it’s even harder if you want editable vector symbols not only bitmap pictures that are not as sharp and editable as the vector ones.

fully editable powerpoint icons outline industry

Therefore we decided to lớn design a comprehensive mix of editable PowerPoint outline icons representing all mainstream industries. We put all these graphics in a PowerPoint format sánh you can change their color using standard shape editing tools. However, the symbols can be imported into other presentation software such as Keynote or Google Slides. You can also export the final pictures as a PNG bitmap tệp tin that you can put on your webpage, for instance.

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The industry icons collection covers:

  • Production sectors symbols such as Construction, Manufacturing, Goods, FMCG, Transport, Storage
  • Financial services pictograms: Money, Trade, IT, Electronics
  • Natural Resources, Energy, Mining, Oil, Gas and Agriculture icons
  • Public sectors symbols for Science, Culture, Administration, Healthcare and Education

If you lượt thích the slide examples above, you can tải về them directly here:

Industries Outline Icons Bundle

We designed this bundle in modern outline style, however, you can kiểm tra the same collections in flat style (if it fits your presentation more): Industries icons bundle.