umbrella là gì

Four stimuli were eliminated from further analyses on this basis : the grass-button, fork-shovel, leaf-bug and umbrella-lamp.

However, it is arguable that both expressive and informational interests can and should be fitted under the umbrella of deliberative values.

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Qualitative research is in fact seen as an umbrella ter m for a diverse g roup of research methodolog ies.

Using umbrella sampling and free-energy perturbation calculations, they showed that there was a large barrier for ethylammonium, whereas methylammonium and formamidinium could permeate.

When a character crossed the stage holding an umbrella, the sound of raindrops had vĩ đại be heard.

The articles are highly focused, and only loosely fit under the general umbrella of the book's title.

The duct was then divided leaving the umbrella (which was endothelialisated and firmly attached vĩ đại the wall of the duct) towards the pulmonary side.

Under the umbrella of this maxim, a wide variety of what could be called non-realist interpretations of religious belief have flourished.

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Formal thought disorder itself is an umbrella term with unsatisfactory explanatory power.

Since the umbrella can easily be dislodged immediately after initial implantation, immediate closure of residual ductal patency must not be attempted.

The 12 milimet ductal umbrella was released without complication.

Lastly, it is also advantageous vĩ đại design a method vĩ đại extract the diffusion coefficient from the biased simulations generated during umbrella sampling.

Showers of tears fell from the gallery ví that there was a sudden demand for umbrellas.

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This perspective allows one vĩ đại integrate modernization-based explanations and civic culture-based explanations of democratization under a common theoretical umbrella.

Discussion of these concerns often proceeds under the terminological umbrella of 'sustainable development', a concept that spans a range of moral and economic considerations.

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