thịt kho hột vịt

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Caramelized pork and eggs

Southern Vietnamese caramelized pork and eggs

Alternative namesThịt kho nước dừa
Thịt kho tàu
CourseLunch, dinner
Place of originVietnam
Main ingredientsCoconut juice, pork, and eggs
Northern Vietnamese caramelized pork and eggs

Caramelized pork and eggs (Vietnamese: thịt kho hột vịt or thịt kho tàu) is a Vietnamese[1] dish traditionally consisting of small pieces of marinated pork and boiled eggs braised in coconut juice.

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In the Vietnamese language, Thịt means "meat" and Kho is a Vietnamese cooking technique.[2]

Although it is a familiar part of an everyday meal amongst the Vietnamese in Southern Vietnam,[3] it is also one of the traditional dishes during Vietnamese New Year.[4] Before it is served for general consumption, the food is offered đồ sộ deceased ancestors or family members[5] on altars.

In Vietnam, rice is commonly served alongside this dish.[6] It is similar đồ sộ tau yu bak (豆油肉), a traditional Hokkien dish.

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