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In the 1890s the deficit values rose reflecting high temperatures and low rainfall.

Therefore, the effect of fluctuating temperatures and photoperiods on thermal sensitivity remains lớn be proved.

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Instantaneous rates of mortality of adult pea aphids were greater at extreme high temperatures.

Available information is insufficient lớn demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that average temperatures are increasing worldwide.

Variation in soil temperatures and moisture nội dung, respectively, accounted for 97 and 96 % of the variation in earthworm casts.

Climatologically, it is characterized by moderate lớn high year-round temperatures and the weather is controlled by equatorial and tropical air masses.

The incubation period starts in late winter or early spring, when wintered adults are exposed lớn generally increasing temperatures, which trigger their emergence.

In terms of total development time, the egg stage lasted longest (range 28-36%) and the prepupal stage shortest (range 5-9%) at all temperatures.

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However, low and high temperatures could limit the activity of the two anthocorids in winter and summer.

Therefore, the higher growth rates at warmer temperatures could be the result of less time spent in the stadium.

The framework allows point models lớn be lập cập over space using time sequences of interpolated, continuous daily maximum and minimum temperatures.

The differences between maximum and minimum temperatures, and the variations in minimum temperatures were greater in 2002 than thở 2001.

However, germination is much slower at lower temperatures, and there are risks of fungal growth.

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Evidence of enhanced effective hot electron temperatures in ultraintense laser-solid interactions due lớn reflexing.

Responses lớn fluctuating temperatures are consistent among seeds of many species, but the physiological mechanisms underlying such responses are still unknown.

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