Stratosphere là gì, nghĩa của từ stratosphere

the layer of gases surrounding the earth at a height of between 15 and 50 kilometres that is not affected by the weather and in which the temperature increases with height:

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During the 1980s, the amount of ozone in the stratosphere above Europe decreased by about eight percent.

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Injection of chlorine inlớn the stratosphere would probably be required for significant volcanic-induced ozone depletion.
We recognize of course that our views are highly controversial & will need to be verified by further studies of the microbiology of the stratosphere.
Volcanic eruptions provide an obvious means by which particles could be ejected through the tropopause inlớn the stratosphere.
Volumes of air from the upper stratosphere collected via balloon-carried cryogenic equipment have been found khổng lồ trap interplanetary microparticles (1).
Volcanic contribution of chlorine to lớn the stratosphere : more significant to lớn ozone than previously estimated?
Here we describe experiments aimed at confirming the presence of viable bacteria in the stratosphere.
We can then expect these robot aircraft to lớn have the capability of carrying scientific payloads và other experiments inkhổng lồ the stratosphere.
For example, the passing of air over mountains and hills can cause the formation và breaking of internal waves in the troposphere và stratosphere.
Similar "potential vortithành phố barriers " are believed to occur at the boundary of the polar vortex in the wintertime stratosphere.
For example, it is possible that particles, including microorganisms, are transported to the stratosphere in the updraft resulting from so-called blue lightning strikes.
The stratosphere is the region of the upper atmosphere lying above sầu the weather of the lower atmosphere.

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to give something, especially money, in order to lớn provide or achieve something together with other people

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