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VNG Games will directly publish League of Legends (LoL) and Teamfight Tactics (TFT) modes in Vietnam from the beginning of 2023.

In the first phase, VNG Games and Riot Games will prioritize supporting players lớn switch accounts safely and conveniently and improve pings and anti-cheat systems lớn enhance the player experience. In the next step, VNG Games will focus on developing the computer room market in Vietnam, creating a premise for the two partners lớn continue implementing eSports events, bringing players an entertainment ecosystem of variety, attractiveness, and plenty of opportunities lớn showcase talent.

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“Vietnam is one of the countries with the largest community of League of Legends players in the world. Through previous projects, we realize that VNG is a seasoned partner, knowledgeable about the market, and has made a great contribution lớn the successful development of the player community in Vietnam, ví we are highly optimistic about this shift. Riot Games will cooperate with VNG Games lớn conquer new goals in the future,” said Mr. Alasdair Gray, Marketing Director of Riot Games in the APAC region.

Mr. Alasdair Gray, Marketing Manager of Riot Games in APAC

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“With a partnership based on absolute trust, VNG Games and Riot Games are committed lớn bringing the community of players the best experiences for these games, both in terms of entertainment, as well as in terms of contribution lớn the development of the pinnacle eSports in Vietnam”, shared Mr. La Xuan Thang, Product Manager of trò chơi Studio 3 – VNG.

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Mr. La Xuan Thang, Product Manager trò chơi Studio 3 – VNG

In January 2023, VNG Games officially kicked off the 2023 Vietnam Championship Series Spring Season – Vietnam’s only professional League of Legends tournament. The eight teams expected lớn participate in the competition are all household names in the Vietnam eSports community: CERBERUS, GAM Esports, MGN Box Esports, Saigon Buffalo, SBTC Esports, Team Flash, Team Secret, and Team Whales; promise lớn bring eye-catching matches. According lớn the tournament format, the teams will compete in a round-robin group stage, and the top four teams will join the awaiting knockout round.

In addition, VNG Games continues lớn entertain players through the launch of the much-awaited swordplay game – Vo Lam Nhan Hiep VNG and open registration for the Alpha test 2 version of Kiem The Origin, promising lớn bring new exciting experiences for the gaming community in the early days of the year.