Make sure you have the extension and the application installed!

Included on this page:

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  1. General troubleshooting
  2. Linux troubleshooting
  3. MacOS troubleshooting

You can press CTRL+R/F5 (Windows) or CMD+R (MacOS) on your keyboard too instead of searching for the refresh button.

PreMiD does not work on the browser version of Discord, you must tải về the tiện ích here.

User Settings > Activity Status

Really important. Discord RPC will not work if you run rẩy Discord as an administrator.

Many presences (including Twitch and SoundCloud) are affected by an extension issue. This issue causes the extension to tát not grab the mặc định values of settings properly.

To solve this, all you have to tát tự is toggle the topmost setting:

Alt+F4 (Windows) or CMD+Q (MacOS) does a good job too. (You have to tát start your browser again obviously.)

You have to tát restart PreMiD afterwards.

Press CTRL+R (Windows) or CMD+R (MacOS) on your keyboard or restart Discord manually.

Sometimes antivirus programs and firewalls are blocking applications which are creating/hosting servers or just connecting to tát the mạng internet. We are using a local server to tát receive and pass data between our tiện ích and extension, sánh if you block app's ability to tát pass data, you probably will not be able to tát use PreMiD.

Disable all your tiện ích mở rộng and see if it works.
If yes, try to tát enable your tiện ích mở rộng step-by-step and tell us which addon broke PreMiD.

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I hope you know how to tát restart a computer.

Sometimes there is something wrong with the files... Tutorials for the installation can be found here.

Windows: Write %appdata% on the tệp tin explorer and delete the PreMiD thư mục.
MacOS: ~/users/USER/~Library/Application Support/ and delete the PreMiD thư mục.

This is a false positive from McAfee and we have reported the issue to tát them,
for now you can exclude PreMiD from the scan by doing the following steps:

If you tự not feel confident taking these steps, feel miễn phí to tát make a ticket in #support and one of our Support Agents will be able to tát help you out!

  1. Open the McAfee application and click the settings icon in the top right.
  2. Click "Quarantined Items" (Second from the top).
  3. Expand it, and click the > icon before an item with the name "settings.dat".
  4. Make sure the path includes "AppData\Local\Temp\PreMiD", if sánh select it and press restore.
  5. After it is restored you can close the "Quarantined Items" popup, then press the settings icon again in the top right.
  6. Click "Real-Time Scanning" (Third from the top).
  7. Expand it and click "Add file".
  8. Type "%appdata%" in the address bar of the File Explorer and press Enter.
  9. Open the "PreMiD" thư mục and select the "PreMiD.exe" tệp tin and click open.
  10. McAfee should now ignore our tệp tin, just launch our application and you should be good to tát go.

Don't worry. Press the CTRL+R (Windows) or CMD+R (MacOS) keybind while focused on your Discord window to tát reload it.

If you have downloaded Discord through Snapcraft, RPC will not work. You have to tát uninstall the Snapcraft version by executing sudo snap remove discord on a terminal, tải về Discord's Linux build (or Discord Canary), then navigating to tát the directory you downloaded Discord to tát (usually $HOME/Downloads), then installing the package using sudo dpkg -i discord-*.deb.
If AppImage doesn't work, you should consider checking our other packages by this link.

Arch Linux based distros should use AUR (Arch User Repository) package that is named premid or premid-git (WARNING: This repository builds premid from our source code.). If you don't want to tát install an AUR manager (yay etc.), you can kiểm tra out our AppImage that is downloadable from our Linux repository.
Warning: the package in the AUR repository is not maintained by us (as PreMiD organization), but by other people.

You should know that PreMiD binds itself to tát the port 3020. This is necessary for the Extension and the Application communicate. If PreMiD shows you an error about this port, you should kiểm tra if something is binded to tát the 3020 port by running sudo lsof -i:3020 or sudo netstat -tnlp | grep :3020 in your terminal. If some process is binded to tát it you should make sure to tát miễn phí the port and try running PreMiD again.

As we stated in our Linux repository, AppImage can't be launched at login. You can add it to tát autostart manually by doing these steps:

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  1. Make a tệp tin named rc.local in the /etc directory.
  2. Open this tệp tin in your favourite editor and paste given code with changing some things:
# Required to tát run rẩy as /bin/bash (if you use zsh etc. you can change it.)

# Example: /home/PreMiD/PreMiD*.AppImage
<directory to tát appimage>/PreMiD*.AppImage

exit 0
  1. Save tệp tin and chmod it as executable sudo chmod a+x /etc/rc.local.
  2. Restart your PC and PreMiD AppImage should launch at login.

If you get this error, it means that your trương mục doesn't have Administrator permissions and you need to tát create thư mục manually by doing these steps:

  1. Open finder and open Applications thư mục.
  2. Right-click on blank space and click Create folder.
  3. To this thư mục assign PreMiD name (remember about upper-cased letters).
  4. Open installer again.

Please create a new post in #support.