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Fei Wo Si Cun (Chinese: 匪我思存; born 26 December 1978) is the pen name of the Chinese writer Ai Jingjing (Chinese: 艾晶晶). She was born in Wuhan, Hubei, Trung Quốc. She has published 18 novels, 10 of which have been adapted into TV series. She once used names Si Cun and Fei Xiaocun. Her representatives are Too Late lớn Say I Love You (Chinese: 来不及说我爱你; pinyin: Láibùjí Shuō Wǒ Aì Nǐ), Romantic Holidays Like Dreams (Chinese: 佳期如梦; pinyin: Jiāqī Rú Mèng) and Siege in Fog (Chinese: 迷雾围城; pinyin: Míwù Wéichéng).[1]

Works published[edit]

  • Crack Brocade 《裂锦》
  • Lonely courtyard in late spring 《寂寞空庭春欲晚》
  • Too late lớn say I love you 《来不及说我爱你》
  • If I bởi not meet you at this moment 《如果这一秒,我没有遇见你》
  • Romantic Holidays Like Dreams 《佳期如梦》
  • Cold Moon Like Frost 《冷月如霜》
  • Moon at moment 《当时明月在》
  • Fragrant Coldness 《香寒》
  • This Life 《今生今世》
  • Variety Flowers At seaside 《海上繁花》
  • Peach still laughing at spring breeze 《桃花依旧笑春风》
  • Don't know when it is 《景年知几时》
  • Mountains covered by snow in evenings 《千山暮雪》
  • Dong Gong 《东宫》
  • Flowers' smiles 《花颜》
  • Bright 《明媚》
  • Bright stars 《星光璀璨》
  • Siege in fog 《迷雾》

Drama adaptations[edit]

  • The Girl in Blue (2010)
  • Too Late lớn Say Loving You (2010)
  • Sealed with a Kiss (2011)
  • Chronicle of Life (2016)
  • Siege in Fog (2018)
  • Goodbye My Princess (2019)
  • Tears in Heaven (2019)


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