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a partnership between sb/sth & sb/sth The government is promoting a partnership between the state and the private sector.

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a partnership with sb/sth The Symphony has announced a new partnership with the Seattle Young Artists Festival.
build/develop/khung a partnership The company has formed a partnership with a US kinh doanh firm to try khổng lồ break inlớn that market.
a partnership of sth The program is a local partnership of groups helping elementary students begin preparing for college.

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set up/establish/found a partnership The partnership he jointly founded, is emerging as one of the leading headhunters for senior board appointments.
The first section includes chapters on neighbour relations; crime stress; gender, family và friendship roles; inter-generational support; và intimate partnerships.
In that partnerships depkết thúc not just on technical or logistical arrangements but also personal commitment for their success they may be thought to resemble matrimony.
Planning advice for those responsible for establishing partnerships of various kinds is now widely available.
While these partnerships appear lớn be working well, they are few in number và modest components of philanthropic programs.
Particularly in settings where wide cultural và economic disparities exist between the researchers & the community, equitable partnerships may be difficult to establish.
Indeed, there is a synergetic relationship between developing collaborative partnerships & becoming culturally aware that reinforces and sustains trust & reciprocity.
A commitment to lớn the development of collaborative partnerships enhances the possibility of being "culturally competent" in all areas of retìm kiếm, including informed consent.
A crucial element in determining the form of marital business partnerships was the way the sale of the produce was organized.
Processes of commercialization generally benefited independent female entrepreneurship over the more traditional husband và wife partnerships.