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These studies examined the roles of phonological, morphological, and orthographic features of nouns in gender classification.
After approximately 90 msec, the features that make up the word"s orthographic form are being processed within the primary visual cortex (1).
This application gives rise to a number of practical morphological and orthographic issues which we also discuss.
The line breaks in the orthographic version may represent places to pause, but they may also represent something else: a point of reflection or intensification.
However, there were no significant differences between the written and oral spelling conditions in orthographic legality.
Predicting reading ability over the long-term : the changing roles of letter naming, phonological awareness and orthographic processing.
The hypothesis is that combined activation of semantic and orthographic features of written language results in more gains in reading fluency.
These findings indicate that beginning readers retained some visual orthographic features of words in memory even after a 3-day delay.
Sufficient practice may enable the poor readers to gradually store the orthographic form into memory and rely on direct recognition at the time of posttesting.
All test words are given in their orthographic form since what is at issue is whether the stops are voiced, aspirated, or voiceless and unaspirated.
As mentioned above, there are three possible types of account of the asymmetry, based on orthographic, phonological and phonetic arguments respectively.
They soon, however, understand that the constituent letters of a word have orthographic and phonological value.
All recognizers are continuous speech recognizers and are based on statistical language models and orthographic and phonetic lexicons.
The present observations concerning pseudoword and number word reading fluency (in relation to numerals) point towards various orthographic factors.

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Each level of orthographic representation, except the stroke level, is linked to its semantic representation (meaning) and its phonological representation.
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to act or work together for a particular purpose, or to be helpful by doing what someone asks you to do

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