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    open your book on/at page...


    was der lehrer sagen sollte...


    welche prep ist richtig... oder gar keine?

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    AuthorMimi28 Aug 09, 00:07

    Open your book TO page X.

    #1Author Bill (US) (236753) 28 Aug 09, 00:09

    open your book đồ sộ page 30 (AE)

    #2Author RES-can (330291) 28 Aug 09, 00:09
    Suggestionopen the book on page ....

    sollte der Lehrer sagen, der neben korrekter Rechtschreibung auch bitte künftig für solche Grammatikfragen, die also nichts mit einer Übersetzung zu tun haben, die korrekte Rubrik in korrekter Rechtschreibung ansteuern sollte: das "Sprachlabor".

    #3Author Werner (236488) 28 Aug 09, 00:11

    and in BE? is it the same?

    thx ví far.

    #4AuthorMimi28 Aug 09, 00:11

    Werner, nobody would say "open the book on page X." You might say "On page X there is a picture of..." but đồ sộ get there you have đồ sộ open the book TO a page number.

    #5Author Bill (US) (236753) 28 Aug 09, 00:23

    I'm sorry for the spelling mistakes. It's just that it's already ví late and I'm really confused, because I was sure I learned: 'on page' but then I heard primary teachers only skipping the preposition, while the teacher's book said 'at page'. Then I googled it and could only find 'to page'...

    #6AuthorMimi28 Aug 09, 00:23

    Ok, I went into the cellar đồ sộ tìm kiếm for my old school book (English G 2000, Cornelsen) and it says 'open your book at page x'

    #7AuthorMimi28 Aug 09, 00:30

    Mimi - ich möchte dich noch etwas verwirren :-)

    Open your books to page 2
    Look on/look at page 2
    We're on page 2
    By page 2, you should know who the victim is

    #8Author28 Aug 09, 00:45

    and in BE? is it the same?

    Of course not (apparently) ;)

    'Open your book to' sounds strange đồ sộ má. Though we might say 'Go đồ sộ (...) page 27'.
    'Open your book at' would be my choice, and I think most common.
    'Open your book on' might also be used. Personally, I'd reserve 'on' for cases such as 'the diagram on page 27'.

    #9Authorlemming (101790) 28 Aug 09, 00:45

    And there you have it: another AE/BE difference.

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    #10Author Bill (US) (236753) 28 Aug 09, 00:48

    My first (BE) thought is "open the book at page 123"

    Once you've opened the book, you can go đồ sộ page 456 or look at the picture on 789.

    #11Author Villager (GB) (575909) 28 Aug 09, 00:54

    And my apologies đồ sộ Werner. It never occurred đồ sộ má that someone somewhere might actually say "at." It sounds SO weird đồ sộ má.

    #12Author Bill (US) (236753) 28 Aug 09, 00:57

    Werner said to open the book on page x which is completely wrong đồ sộ me! i would go with Villager (GB)! that was a great way of explaining!

    #13Authormissa28 Aug 09, 01:11

    Meine Lehrerin sagte immer: Open the Book, page 21

    Ich kenne sonst nur
    the text at page 21
    go đồ sộ page 21

    on kenne ich gar nicht.

    #14AuthorNachtwächter28 Aug 09, 01:25

    missa, you are ví right. I completely missed that.

    #15Author Bill (US) (236753) 28 Aug 09, 01:37


    Open your books đồ sộ p. 23 (AE)
    Open your books at p. 23 (BE)?

    That really does sound extremely strange. Even worse than thở 'at the weekend' instead of 'on the weekend.' (-;

    But interesting; I certainly never would have guessed either. LEO bildet ... (-:

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    #16Author hm -- us (236141) 28 Aug 09, 07:39

    @ hm interesting -

    I'd say "see you at the weekend" my Cambridge International gives as an example "What are you doing at Christmas?"

    - is it "at" in AE in this case?

    #17Authormike28 Aug 09, 07:57
    Suggestionopen your book AT page..(BE)
    #18Authorbubble01 Dec 09, 17:18