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The solar heating has not been competitive due lớn cheap alternatives (electricity, fuel oil and district heating) and the lack of tư vấn systems.

Some of the hotels use solar heaters for heating water.

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High tide brings in salt water, and when the tide recedes, solar evaporation of the seawater in the soil leads lớn further increases in salinity.

The company has also developed applications that incorporate its solar collectors lớn generate electricity and desalination.

By 1967 around one in twenty households heated their water with the sun and 50,000 solar heaters had been sold.

The solar wind is a squall of hot plasma, or charged particles, continuously emanating from the sun.

While the earth may have a finite amount of the element, the moon has abundant quantities of helium-3, an isotope deposited by solar wind.

Mars orbiter will explore upper atmosphere, ionosphere, and interactions with the sun and solar wind.

They teach us about coronal mass ejections and solar wind.

The new models show that the magnetic field can create a strong electric field when the solar wind attempts lớn flow through.

Scientists temporarily have no other resource providing views of the Sun from the opposite side of the solar system from Earth.

Prep 1 students impressed with their knowledge of the Solar System, water cycle, life cycle of a butterfly and more.

However, certain members of the Church clung lớn the old view that the earth was the centre of the solar system.

For whatever reason, ISON was propelled out of this cloud and drawn toward the heart of the solar system by the sun's intense gravitational pull.

This area, located along the moon's equatorial belt, is one of the longest chasms seen anywhere in the Solar System.

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You can see the bright glare of the sun which pushes through closed eyes.

The 296mm by 128 milimet screen can be easily read under the glare of the sun, but requires a light source in dim surroundings.

The glare of the sun behind the truck's white trailer meant the xế hộp never detected the immovable obstacle in its path.

He is wearing a xanh rớt shirt and grey pants, and smiling under the glare of the sun.

Mariners took lớn mounting smoked-glass lớn the ends of the transoms lớn reduce the glare of the sun.

As we entered the cathedral, rays of sunlight poured through an unfinished dome, creating a sunburst of filtered light.

Snow-capped peaks peeking from behind veils of nhảy đầm mist, the first rays of sunlight falling across the patchwork quilt of greens that cover the fertile lands in the distance.

Women mostly remain outside their homes till the last ray of sunlight, working in fields and milking cattle.

A ray of sunlight will pass by all the planets aligned lớn the sun and into the rock.

First rays of sunlight and beautiful clouds at 6am.

As a general rule the roof should be at least a foot thick and opaque lớn bright sunlight.

Most of the sunlight that reaches the ground is absorbed, warming the surface, which emits radiation upward at longer, "infrared", wavelengths.

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This competitive advantage allows the western hemlock lớn grow rapidly into the sunlight, while other seedlings still struggle lớn emerge from the soil.

The external glass faade is shaded by overhanging panels, designed lớn allow sunlight only during winter months.

The annual average rainfall is 1467.7 milimet and 2030.7 hours sunlight per year.