In Store Là Gì

happening or existing inside a large shop, or available for customers to use or buy inside a large shop:

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The application can be considered a simplified, in-store formulation of on-line transaction processing on a database (although there are good alternative techniques available).
Manerson was executive producer of the album and oversaw the bands in-store campaigns and marketing brand.
Several clothing manufacturers use domed labels as disposable items by affixing them to in-store hangers.
This also included in-store advertising of her cake with special pastry toppers and take-home recipe cards.
The square footage that in-store restaurants required was more profitably used to sell or store merchandise.
Though online shopping was optimized for searching and browsing, it was not optimized for an engaging experience like in-store retail experiences at a mall.
Vouchercloud uses affiliate networks to provide deals from national and local merchants, operating multi-channel campaigns providing exposure across three platforms; in-store, online and m-commerce.
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to act or work together for a particular purpose, or to be helpful by doing what someone asks you to do

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