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an actor whose style of acting is artificial and old-fashioned, often using movements and emotions that are too obvious:
The resultant meat, full of intramuscular fat, produces hams that can age for 2 or more years without desiccation.
Their prescribed rituals conserved the pastors" energies for the rest of their work, especially for the spiritual counselling which was restored to them from ham-handed amateurs.
It is likely that the editors felt that if they did not censor their own publications voluntarily, they would eventually encounter more ham-fisted outside review by the government.
Imported meat is being sold as domestic produce, rotten meat is often on sale and then there is the case of the fake ham.
As to the cuts themslves, there can be no objection to the cutting down of such luxuries as boiled ham and other things.
The panorama of activities presented by this show was breathtaking—music, ballet, drama, cycling, gardening, archaeology, swimming, football, painting, ham radio and studies of all sorts.
Allocations, of imported boneless beef for the production of boiled beef ham have now ceased in view of the meat supply position.
Even though the take-up was down, there was a greater consumption of bacon, and in addition a much greater consumption of ham.
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