the powerful bankers (= people who own or control banks) from Switzerland who control a lot of money, much of it belonging khổng lồ foreign governments

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(in children’s stories) an imaginary, very small old man who lives underground and guards gold và other valuable objects
Perhaps there is more creativity in these poems than we have sầu been willing khổng lồ credit, or perhaps there was a guiding hvà which either avoided or edited out duplicated gnomes.
At that fair, hardly a flower appeared; it was mainly devoted to the selling of garden gnomes & fountains.
It is important that the needs of everybody toàn thân in the industry should be met, whether they are supplying garden gnomes or other products.
This nice touch that some gnome in some department thought up, "a reproduction silver inkstand", was very interesting.
I am thinking of soft cases, such as a drunk old man staggering across my open-plan garden and knocking over a gnome.
Certainly, the experts, the dealers in foreign exchange, "the gnomes", the dealers in commodities, are not going khổng lồ be put off & confused.
But, briefed carefully by gnomes from the civil servants" office, he is told just how far he can or cannot go.
He would wrap up the gnome, take the customer"s details, sort out the money & label up the package.
Whatever arguments are advanced in the debate, surely we need not go into whether garden gnomes or seeds come within the term.

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