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A Ga Noi hen
Photo courtesy of Toni-Marie Astin

Ga Noi are naked necked game fowl from Vietnam. (Well, as far as I can tell, they're only naked necked part of the year. I have since been told that some are naked necked and some are feather necked.) They were first brought to tát the US as eggs around 1990.

They are built a lot lượt thích Thai Games, but heavier and taller and they are a slow moving bird. They are also slow growers, taking 10-15 months to tát mature.

The Ga Noi beak is short and blunt. The birds have a "frog eye," pale yellowish-pearl with a distinct shape, different from most fowl.

OK folks -- I've been getting a fair amount of mail about this breed. Half the people say these birds are good examples of Ga Noi, half tell me they're Madagascar trò chơi. Some have told bầm there are different strains of Ga Noi, and this is one of them. I don't know enough. How about sending bầm some good solid information and some good pictures. Thanks. Direct comments to tát Barry at FeatherSite -- questions and comments.

Breed clubs:

The Asian Gamefowl Society or Speciaalclub Aziatische Vechthoenrassen
Willem khẩn khoản Ballekom (Secretaris SAV)
Hobokenlaan 19
5628 VA Eindhoven
phone: 040-2417208
e-mail: [email protected]

Ga Noi Links:

Development of the Ga Noi (seems to tát be in Vietnamese)

Ga Noi and cockfighting in Vietnam

A GaNoi stag
Photo courtesy of Nick

A Ga Noi rooster
Photo courtesy of Toni-Marie Astin

GaNoi pullets
Photos courtesy of Nick

Althea's Ga Noi cock bird
Photos courtesy of Althea Running

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A GaNoi pair
Photo courtesy of Nick

GaNoi stags
Photos courtesy of Willis Johnson

Head feathering on a Ga Noi before plucking
Photo courtesy of Toni-Marie Astin

A GaNoi cock
Photo courtesy of Nick

A GaNoi hen
Photo courtesy of Nick

Another pair
Photo courtesy of Willis Johnson

A pair of Ga Noi
Photo courtesy of Althea Running

A two-month-old GaNoi stag
Photos courtesy of Nick

Young GaNoi
Photo courtesy of Nick

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