Nghĩa của deflect là gì, nghĩa của từ deflect trong tiếng việt

If a huge meteor was heading towards us, our best hope could be to lớn deflect it away from the Earth using a nuclear explosion.

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When someone deflects, they are trying to lớn feel less guilty, avoid negative consequences, and put the blame on others.

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His intent focus on the singer"s offstage poise suggests how much he has yet khổng lồ learn about striking a pose and deflecting the gaze.
Suppose the stoông xã of knowledge could be improved to permit deflecting or destroying the meteor before it caused harm.
It has been shown that the electrons deflected during the interaction, could scatter on the walls of the experimental chamber, & fake a high-energy signal.
These involve sầu critiques of middle-class claims to lớn disinterested universalism of values for veiling class interest và deflecting attention away from class conflict.
Thus, ongoing circumstances may tư vấn pursuance of potentially deviating developmental pathways or deflect the individual baông chồng toward more normal adaptation.
This acts lớn deflect the electrons into lớn the region of higher electric field, increasing the field generation.

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Indeed, not only are their envelopes similarly deflected from their progression, but they tóm tắt the same spatial và spectral progression towards a specific horizontal point.
Large gradients of electron mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa in this plasma deflect laser rays from their initial trajectories, thus deforming substantially the laser intensity distribution on the target.
In this way, much of the otherwise suppressed và deflected hostility between female affinal và kin relations is expressed through reciprocation and non-reciprocation in gham-khadi.
Here the median and peak of the temperature distribution are deflected towards the largescale turbulence region.





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