cửa hàng tiếng anh là gì

Thousands of bookshops are mix up, and books are sold.

Museum include a library, a bookshop, a caf and contemporary art conservation laboratory.

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It is alleged lớn be the first custom build bookshop in the world.

Restaurants and bookshops in the area provide a unique environment.

After he retired from the bookshop, his wife and a business partner opened a secondhand bookshop.

The area is also famous for its stylish neighborhoods with many sidewalk cafes, patisseries, restaurants, and from high fashion boutiques lớn vintage clothing shops.

In 2013 the building was slated for conversion into a boutique, luxury khách sạn.

A new entertainment district with a 100-room boutique khách sạn and additional restaurants opened in late 2006.

Each boutique is minimal, with a decor lớn reflect the individual area.

Today, the district is filled with hairdressing salons, fashion boutiques, silk and leather stores, libraries, traveling agencies and medicine centers.

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It's lượt thích a little sweetshop - the birthplace of kitsch.

The answer is probably neither: he is more the child in the sweetshop; a hacker who found his military clearance gave him easy access lớn endless amounts of sensitive information.

We ended up walking with him into a former sweetshop recently turned into a field clinic.

Police have reportedly arrested two owners of the local sweetshop and one of their employees as part of the investigation.

This is what you would tự if a sweetshop were in trouble and banks are no different.

There are several shops, a bakery and a small mạng internet caf.

There are numerous convenience stores, takeaway shops, bakeries, a vegetable and groceries store and a liquor store.

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In front were the quarters for the guards, a chapel, and a bakery.

After the war he engaged in the grocery and bakery business.

The flavours and extracts are suitable for various applications: beverages, confectionery, bakery, chocolate, dairy products.