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How to tát Check the Shutter Count on a Nikon Camera

There may come a time when you need information about your Nikon camera’s shutter actuations. When that time comes, you may be surprised to tát learn that locating this information is not a simple matter of looking in the Nikon camera thực đơn. The camera thực đơn houses plenty of other details about your Nikon, but you have to tát look elsewhere to tát learn how to tát kiểm tra shutter count on a Nikon.

Because there are many ways to tát get this information, including a comprehensive list of all of them would be impractical. Instead, this tutorial will take a look at the quickest and easiest methods to tát find shutter count, whether you use a Windows operating system or a Mac. This how-to guide is not designed for Canon users, however.  

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What Is Image EXIF Metadata?

Before going over the actual methods, it’s essential to tát understand what EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) data is.

Why? Because EXIF is where Nikon cameras store shutter actuation info, and it’s located in the image tệp tin of the photos that your camera has taken (which is why you can’t kiểm tra shutter count in your camera’s menu). You may also hear EXIF, or “metadata” as it’s known, referred to tát as tệp tin headers. (As a note, Canon also stores this data the same way.)

Aside from including information about shutter actuation, EXIF data also includes details about each image’s exposure, such as date, shutter tốc độ, aperture, and ISO.

The data contained in the tệp tin headers is not data that we typically need to tát access, and for that reason, it’s hidden. The problem arises when you vì thế need that data for some reason since you need software to tát reveal what the EXIF data says. Luckily, there are ways of getting the EXIF data to tát show its count kiểm tra secrets.

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Before Checking Nikon Shutter Count

As you may have guessed by now, you’ll need to tát take an image to tát kiểm tra your Nikon’s shutter count. Here are some things to tát remember to tát make the process as smooth as possible.

The first and most critical thing is only to tát use an unedited image that comes straight from your Nikon. Don’t tinker with it in Lightroom, as using image-processing programs can strip the EXIF data that you need.

Next, make sure you are using either a JPG or NEF image tệp tin to tát kiểm tra the shutter count. JPG is best for Windows, but NEF should work in either situation, too.

And lastly, the best way to tát go about this process is by reading the tệp tin directly from your camera’s memory thẻ. You can vì thế this by using a thẻ reader or connecting your Nikon to tát your computer with a USB cord. Copying the image to tát your hard drive sometimes works, but the first two options are the most effective for pulling EXIF data.

How to tát Check Nikon Shutter Count

Now that you know how to tát make the process as smooth as possible, let’s jump into the easiest methods to tát find shutter count on both a Mac and Windows computer. Keep in mind that these methods are for EXIF data on a Nikon; they may look different for Canon DSLR cameras.


The process on a Mac is quite straightforward, as you can use the Preview phầm mềm, which is built into the Mac operating system.

To vì thế sánh, pull up Preview and open the image (either NEF or JPG). Press CMD+I and a General Info screen will appear. On this screen, you’ll see a small “i” button in a dark circle. Click on that button.

Next, you should see a “Nikon” tab. Opening that tab is where you’ll find the EXIF data you’re looking for. Among other data lượt thích flash setting, focus mode, and shooting mode, you will see “Shutter Count.” The number next to tát the shutter count is the number of shutter actuations.

Pretty easy, right?


Now let’s take a look at how to tát find shutter actuations in Windows. Unlike Mac, Windows doesn’t have any built-in apps that you can open to tát read EXIF data. Your remaining options are to tát tải về a program or use an online service.

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Since many downloadable programs cost money (and have the added inconvenience of taking space on your hard drive), an online option is probably your best bet. There are plenty of miễn phí ones you can Google. All you have to tát vì thế is upload the image to tát the service’s trang web browser, and voila—they read the EXIF data in the image and give you information about shutter count.

Keep in mind that not all of these programs are created equal. Some restrict the maximum file size, and some don’t work with NEF files, but for the most part, they get the job done.

Why You Can’t Find EXIF Data in Lightroom

You might be wondering why Lightroom hasn’t been mentioned as an option for checking camera shutter count. Lightroom is unable to tát read the maker notes section where shutter actuation information is stored, sánh trying to tát read EXIF data in Lightroom is pointless.  

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Checking Shutter Count with Apps

We mentioned that there are programs that can help you open shutter count data. Here are a few of the best options:

ExifTool: ExifTool is a miễn phí program with a lot of functionalities aside from reading EXIF data. It’s a bit much for most people, as you will most likely need to tát configure it and have some knowledge of command-line tools. But if you have the know-how, it’s a powerful tool.

Opanda IExif Viewer: Opanda IExif Viewer is a miễn phí EXIF viewer for Windows. It’s also available in a paid version that allows you to tát edit capabilities for EXIF.

PhotoMechanic: Purchasing PhotoMechanic for the sole purpose of finding shutter actuation is a bit overkill, as it’s quite expensive. But if you already have the program, this feature is one of many things it can vì thế. When looking at an individual image, you can find shutter actuation information in the Info Panel under “Frame Number.”

Why Are the Number of Shutter Actuations Important?

In most cases, there is no need for Nikon users to tát think about EXIF data or know the number of shutter actuations on their cameras. But sometimes this information is essential, usually when buying or selling cameras.

Think of it this way: you wouldn’t buy a used xế hộp without looking at the mileage, right? And the car’s mileage significantly influences how much you pay for it. Well, we can compare the number of shutter actuations on a camera to tát xế hộp mileage. Shutter count gives you an idea of how much the camera has been used and how much more use you might expect from it.

DSLR cameras with a lower shutter count typically have higher resale value, as the overall condition of the camera is generally better.

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What Is Considered “Good” Shutter Count?

When purchasing used cameras, a good rule of thumb is to tát buy one with the lowest number of shutter actuations possible. If the shutter count is over fifty percent of the rated shutter life, you can probably get a steep discount, but camera life will likely suffer.

Why Isn’t the Actuation Count of New Cameras Zero?

While it may seem lượt thích the number of images on new cameras should be zero, this often isn’t the case. EXIF data for new Nikon and Canon cameras typically reveals a low number—not zero—as they receive final quality checks requiring some shutter releases.

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How Can I Get a Better Shutter Life?

Whether you have a Nikon or a Canon, you can take steps to tát extend your shutter life. Dust and dirt are the enemies to tát a properly functioning camera and your shutter life, sánh you should only change lenses in clean environments with little to tát no wind.

How Many Shutter Actuations Does the Average Camera Get?

It’s hard to tát give an exact number, but most digital DSLR cameras (including Canon and Nikon) will probably get you between 50,000 to tát 150,000 shutter actuations.

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