Buy off là gì, buy off có nghĩa là gì


buy off

To pay someone to coerce them into doing something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "buy" và "off." Don"t worry, the doorman won"t say anything—I bought hlặng off. Her chiến dịch for mayor will be ruined if the public learns how many people she"s bought off over the years.See also: buy, off

buy someone off

to bribe someone to ignore what one is doing wrong. Do you think you can buy her off? The mobster tried to buy off the jury.See also: buy, off

buy off

Pay khổng lồ get rid of a claim or opposition, or to avoid prosecution, as in He was caught trying to buy off the opposing candidate. See also: buy, off

buy off

v. To bribe someone in order khổng lồ ensure cooperation: I didn"t get a speeding ticket because I bought off the police officer.

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The mobster avoided jail by buying the judge off.See also: buy, offSee also:

buy off

use a gift or money lớn divert someone from their duty or purpose The l& developer tried to lớn buy off the politician but he was not successful.

buy off|buy

v. To turn from duty or purpose by a gift. When the police threatened to lớn stop the gambling business, the owner bought them off. The Indians were going to lớn burn the cabins, but the men bought them off with gifts. Compare: PAY OFF.
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