a plant with many small branches growing either directly from the ground or from a hard stem, giving the plant a rounded shape:

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(especially in Australia and Africa) an area of land covered with bushes & trees that has never been used for growing crops and where there are very few people
(esp. in nước Australia và Africa) an area of l& covered with bushes và trees that has never been farmed và where few people live:
Under these circumstances, infants are put down, but in the familiar surroundings of a home base, not in random points in the bush.
The erratic climatic conditions of the savanna zone and the annual bush-burning have also contributed to lớn the widespread decline in soil fertility & crop yields.
The latest reports prove sầu that antelope (bush-buchồng, reed-buông chồng và water-buck) may harbour the trypanosome in nature.
They included bush height and diameter, number of branches, number of pairs of leaves per branch, leaf area, internode length và canopy area.
People may take to lớn the extreme to lớn evade taxes, for instance, by literally hiding in the bush when tax collectors are approaching.
The main settlements are found on gently rolling topography with comparatively good soils, while bush farms are located between hillocks in the southern plains.
Traditional healers even provided medicines lớn scare away snakes & other dangers lurking in the bush.
Our results may be an especially important tool lớn restore endangered & distinct canidae, such as the red wolf & the bush dog.
Note that because all fences are made of bush trees (live hedge) in community plantations, there is practically no material cost.
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a family consisting of two parents và their children, but not including aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.

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