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Bro is a colloquial term of address used for any person, primarily males, that began as an abbreviated size of the word "brother." In addition vĩ đại its usage as a friendly label, the term can be also used as a prefix vĩ đại associate any activity with stereotypical frat boy or guido subcultures.

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The word "Bro" originated as an abbreviation for the word “brother,” the title given vĩ đại male siblings[1], not vĩ đại be mistaken for the Catholic definition[2] of the term. The shortened version of “bro” appeared as early as the 1660s[3] in The History of the Parliament: The House of Commons 1690-1715[21] vĩ đại denote brotherly relationships between members of Parliament.

John Clargis, farrier, of Drury Lane, Westminister by Anne Leaver. educ. G. Inn 1662; Wadham Oxf. matric. 1689. m. 29 Sept. 1646, Mary, domain authority. of George Proctor, yeoman, of Norwell Woodhouse, Notts. and coh. vĩ đại her bro. Edward, 18.

In 1912[4], people began using “brother” as a slang term in the United States vĩ đại address one's close friends, which became further popularized after it was adopted by the African American community in the early 1970s. Similarly, the Hawaiian Pidgin English word “brah”[5] was brought into colloquial usage by American surfers as early as in the 1960s. Prior vĩ đại its colloquial usage online, “bro” has been referenced in numerous films, TV shows[7][8] and Clip games[9] during the 1990s and 2000s. The Los Angeles Times[10] also used “bro” in an article published in November 2000, vĩ đại describe George Bush’s participation in the fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon during his time at Yale.


The first definition of “bro” was added vĩ đại Urban Dictionary[6] on January 24th, 2003 and at least 200 definitions[22] have been since submitted vĩ đại the site. On the online artist community DeviantArt, searching for "bro" yields more than thở 200,000 results of artworks[11], many of them relating vĩ đại Andrew Hussie's webcomic series Homestuck. There is also a FAIL Blog[12] site dedicated vĩ đại featuring image macros and funny photos under the category of "Bros." Male fans of the popular animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic often refer vĩ đại each other as a "brony", a portmanteau of "bro" and "pony." The term was also popularized through other mạng internet slang phrases lượt thích "Cool Story, Bro" and "Come At Me, Bro" in the late 2000s.


Usage as a Prefix

As mạng internet slang, "bro" is commonly used as a prefix (Bro-) placed before other words vĩ đại describe an activity between two close male friends. These portmanteau terms were collected on message boards as early as September 2006.[31] Approximately two years later, bro fist began on 4chan vĩ đại describe a common greeting involving two friends bumping fists. An ASCII-based copypasta often appeared on the image board as well as other forums vĩ đại represent a virtual fist bump. The My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom has transformed this greeting into the brohoof, using hooves instead of a fist vĩ đại denote they are a người hâm mộ of the show.


Bro Subculture

While "bro" is typically used as a word for close friends, it can also be used vĩ đại describe stereotypical "alpha males," an idea popularized by the men's culture site Bro Bible[27], created on April 15th, 2008. That month, the single topic blog Bro.cabulary[32] appeared vĩ đại collect terms that should be used with bros vĩ đại help fit in with the group. Later in 2008, online culture magazine The Bygone Bureau[30] published a slightly satirical look at the personality and fashion traits of men who fall into this category, defining them by their love of polo shirts, cheap beer, and gelled hair.

In 2010, Surfworld compiled the Broism Dictionary[28] vĩ đại define bro-related terms. Also in 2010, TIME[29] shared a photo phối entitled "A Brief History of Bro Culture" which looked at historical figures including Latin poet Ovid and English monarch Henry VIII who would have fallen into the contemporary definition of "bro." In April of that year, a single topic blog called My Life is Bro.[20] was created, poking fun at this lifestyle in a manner similar vĩ đại the site FMyLife. Most of the submissions use the common traits of being sexist or lazy purposely vĩ đại an extreme for a humorous effect.

Today I got dome from this bitch in an elevator. It was chill on sánh many levels. #253289 Comments : 3 Chill (3772) Not Chill (154) Favorite this.
@mylifeisbro My Life is Bro My girl told mạ I was insensitive and should see things from a women's point of view, sánh i looked out the kitchen window. MLIB 1 hour ago via Facebook ☆ Favorte ti Retweet Reply

Bro Fist

Bro Fist is a series of image macros and ASCII-based copypasta often used on imageboards and forums as a virtual fist bump, a popular method of male-to-male greeting that conveys mutual respect for the participating bros. While the act of fist-bumping itself has become a common practice through TV shows and films, the legitimacy of "Bro Fist" as an mạng internet meme remains debatable, as it has been criticized by some as a forced meme or spam.

place fist here, bro. BROFIST


Bromance[13] is a close non-sexual relationship between two (or more) men in the homosocial[14] nature. It was first used by Dave Carnie, the editor of skate magazine Big Brother, in the 1990s.[15] He used the term vĩ đại define the sort of relationships that develop between skaters who spent a great khuyến mãi of time together. Bromance was discussed in 2008 by Australian newspaper the Age.[16] In 2010, relationship blog Nandoism[17] posted an article about when a bromance is turning into a gay relationship.

True Bromance BROMANCE For real men only IORNH AS CHEEZBURGER,OOM

The term was brought into the mainstream in 2008[24] vĩ đại describe the relationship of the lead characters in the sitcom Scrubs[23], J.D. Dorian (portrayed by Zach Braff) and Christopher Turk (portrayed by Donald Faison). The following year, the Boston Globe[24] and entertainment site Starpulse[25] compiled lists of televisions most well-known bromances. There is also a TV Tropes[26] page for the term.

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Cool Story, Bro

"Cool Story, Bro" is a catchphrase expression often seen in image macros as a sarcastic response on message boards or in comments vĩ đại posts that are deemed boring, pointless or too long vĩ đại read.


Don't Tase Me, Bro!

"Don't Tase Me, Bro!" is a catchphrase taken from a Clip of University of Florida student Andrew Meyer getting tasered by a security personnel after being forcibly removed from an open Q & A session with U.S. Senator John Kerry.

DONT TASE ME, BRO! It makes you shocked with the taser.

I Told You About The Stairs, Bro

"I Told You About Stairs" is a catchphrase from the webcomic series "Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff" written and drawn by MS Paint Adventures creator Andrew Hussie. The comic has become an in-joke within the Homestuck fandom and has been the subject of numerous parody videos and người hâm mộ arts.

SWEET BRO AND HELLA JEFF NTS I WARNED YoU ABOUT STAIRS UCK IM FALLING DOWN ALL THESE i cant wait vĩ đại be a useless p------------ all day and play all these games \ IT KEEPS HAPPENING TOLD YOU MAN I TOLD you T STAIRS!

Come At Me, Bro!

"Come at mạ bro" is a confrontational catchphrase used vĩ đại instigate a fight with another person. It's typically used vĩ đại convey that one will not physically initiate fight, but is willing vĩ đại fight if the situation arises. In image macro size, the text is overlaid on an picture where the subject is making an aggressive posture, usually with arms spread out vĩ đại each side.

come at mạ bro


Brotips[18] is a single topic blog that features image macros meant vĩ đại provide help in various social situations, ranging from how vĩ đại solve a problem or make good choices from the perspective of a bro. Brotips contains over 1700 image macros as of April 2012. Various brotips are often reposted on Tumblr[19] and Twitter through the hashtag #brotips.

brotip#1754 disliking someone does not make you a hater speaking ábout it all the time, even when nobody asks you about it, makes you a hater brotip#9 man the f--- up.


Curlbro is a pejorative slang term referring vĩ đại gym-goers that focus on training their arms when weight lifting. It is often used on 4chan’s /fit/ (fitness) board and the BodyBuilding Forums vĩ đại stress the importance of compound exercises and leg training or vĩ đại mock those who perform curl exercises in the squat rack. Curlbros are often associated with the Jersey Shore “guido” stereotype along with steroid use and excessive tanning.

Anatomy of a curlbro. (aka: stop idolizing this a------) The the dude's 6'0 tall and a buck fifty here. You don't need anymore reasons Protip: If you find your abs protruding past your -chest, perhaps it's time vĩ đại reevaluate your program. Big shoulders mean a commanding presence on the screen. And now you know why you lượt thích this physique. Go tự your presses. Rocking the T-rex forearms. Legs? F--- you. I'm Brad Pitt, that's why

I Know That Feel Bro

"I Know That Feel Bro” (also known as "to uczucie" or "to uczócie") is an expression and reaction image depicting two bald men embracing each other accompanied by a caption that reads “I know that feel bro.” The phrase is a poorly translated version of “I know how you feel, bro” or “I feel you, bro,” that is typically used vĩ đại show sympathy toward others. The face has been used as an exploitable character and is often seen in "that feel when" threads on image boards, which describe an emotional situation or sự kiện.


Reality Hits You Hard, Bro

Reality Hits You Hard, Bro is a catchphrase stemming from a viral Clip of an interview with George Lindell, an Arizona man who was rear-ended on September 15th, 2011. The Clip was later autotuned by the Gregory Brothers. His enthusiastic response, similar vĩ đại that of Antoine Dodson, has inspired a number of parody and remix videos.

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