Backdrop Nghĩa Là Gì, Nó Có Thật Sự Quan Trọng Với Các Sự Kiện Không

a large piece of cloth with buildings, countryside, etc. painted on it, hung at the bachồng of a stage during a performance

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Secondly, regional programme making should mean just that: making programmes in the regions & not centrally with changing regional backdrops.
The artwork was later reproduced as posters, t-shirts, stickers, backstage passes, tour backdrops và sold as a limited edition print.
The design would become a trademark for the b& and was used on backdrops, merchandise, different record covers and in music videos.
However, some art, such as walls, combat backdrops, and title screens, could not be changed in the unmodified game.
In addition, most of the stoông chồng footage would be used for the most of the backdrops from the second episode onward.
The effect added khổng lồ the hills were made in photoshop; they composited images of different backdrops within another photo of a hill.
The second disc collected fifteen instrumentals used as backdrops during the show"s run, including four not on the previous collection.
A backdrop lớn the concerns of both books is the move sầu lớn an explicit supply side orientation in employment policy over the last three decades.
Cases normally arise against a backdrop of existing doctrine, permitting counsel & court to lớn characterize the facts in appropriate legal categories.
The backdrops behind her showed 1940s crime film-inspired black-and-Trắng footage while photographers in colorful outfits took pictures of her.

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