avogado6 (アボガド6) is a illustrator and animator who had created various PVs and provides illustrations vĩ đại various producers. They are known for their unique, emotion-fueled, thought-provoking art style.

Their debut work, a PV for the tuy vậy "Atooi Jisatsu ni Teihyou no Arumicchan", was uploaded on June 26, 2011. avogado6 frequently collaborates with music producer balloon, and has released several notable VOCALOID works, such as Charles, etc.

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Aside from their creations in the VOCALOID field, they are a very well-known artist on Twitter.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
サクリファイス GUMI June 15, 2012 illust, video
[nn][yt] "ケッペキショウ"Keppekishou art work GUMI December 16, 2012 illust, video
[nn][yt] "マジェンタ"Majenta Hatsune Miku, GUMI April 25, 2013 video
レアリテ IA August 22, 2013 video
雨の勧め GUMI October 10, 2013 video
嘯く終日 GUMI December 08, 2013 video
夜の帳が落ちる Hatsune Miku April 04, 2014 video
テーブルトークマナーズ Hatsune Miku April 13, 2014 video
アイアムアヒーロー IA August 01, 2014 illust
少女は旅をする Hatsune Miku April 30, 2014 video
ツギハギライアーズ IA November 02, 2014 illust
[nn][yt] "はないちもんめ"Kamiuta hanaichimonme Hatsune Miku December 5, 2014 movie
[nn][yt][bc] "アルコーブ"Balloon-Alcove Hatsune Miku December 28, 2014 illust, video
ポートレート Hatsune Miku December 28, 2014 video
[nn][yt][bc] "愛及屋烏"Aikyuu Okuu Hatsune Miku and flower May 4, 2015 illustration
トピアリー Hatsune Miku September 02, 2015 video
バベルサーカス Hatsune Miku September 10, 2015 video
遊閑地 Hatsune Miku December 11, 2015 video
[nn][yt][bc] "花瓶に触れた"Kabin ni Fureta flower February 23, 2016 illust
[nn][yt][bc] "朝を呑む"Asa o Nomu Hatsune Miku March 18, 2016 illust
[nn][yt][bc] "夕染"Yuuzome flower July 21, 2016 illust
悋気な惑星 Hatsune Miku July 30, 2016 video
[nn][yt] "もぬけのからだ"Monuke no Karada GUMI October 16, 2016 video
[nn][yt][bc] "シャルル"Charles flower October 12, 2016 illustration
[nn] "sister"Eve-sister Hatsune Miku December 02, 2016 illust
[nn][yt][bc] "メーベル"Balloon-Mabel flower December 14, 2016 illust
[nn][yt][bc] "雨とペトラ"Balloon-AmetoPetra flower March 09, 2017 illust
人間そっくり Hatsune Miku May 27, 2017 logo design, logo animation
[nn][yt][bc] "レディーレ"Redire flower June 14, 2017 illust
[nn][yt][bb] "命ばっかり"Nuyuri-Inochi Bakkari flower August 4, 2017 illustration, movie
[nn][yt] "刹那の渦"Setsuna no Uzu flower December 19, 2020 video
[nn][yt] "パメラ"Pamela Balloon ft Flower flower October 15, 2021 video
[nn][yt] "ノマド"Balloon Nomad flower March 28, 2022 illust, video
[nn][yt] "ミザン"BalloonNulut Miseen flower and Kaai Yuki April 22, 2022 video



Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
現代葛藤大系 Hatsune Miku, Tone Rion April 27, 2014 animation
人々之言 第一巻 IA July 13, 2014 album art
人々之言 第ニ巻 IA, Hatsune Miku November 15, 2014 album art
tabloid "apartment'"Apartment Hatsune Miku, flower, Miyashita Yuu April 26, 2015 album art
おばけフィルム Hatsune Miku July 12, 2015 illust, video
tabloid "Marble'"MarbleEP Hatsune Miku, flower, Kagamine Rin, balloon April 30, 2016 album art
Dwango User Entertainment, Inc. "Corridor'"Corridor Hatsune Miku, flower, balloon August 12, 2017 album art

Split albums[]

Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
balloon/uki3 "facsimile"Facsimile album Hatsune Miku and flower April 30, 2017 album art (jakcet B)