A rolling stone gathers moss là gì, giúp mình câu thành ngữ


A rolling stone gathers no moss

Idiom(s): A rolling stone gathers no mossTheme: LIFESTYLEA proverb that describes a person who keeps changing jobs or residences and, therefore, accumulates no possessions or responsibilities.• "John just can"t seem khổng lồ stay in one place," said Sally. "Oh, well, a rolling stone gathers no moss."• Bill has no furniture to lớn bother with because he keeps on the move. He keeps saying that a rolling stone gathers no moss.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

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If a person keeps moving from place to place, they gain neither friends nor possessions. Another interpretation is that, by moving often, one avoids being tied down!


see rolling stone.

gather in|gather

v., informal To catch. The kết thúc gathered in the pass and went over for a touchdown.

Gather pace

If events gather pace, they move sầu faster.

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gather round

form a crowd near聚集在…周围;环绕A small crowd gathered round the speaker lớn hear what he had lớn say.一小群人围在演讲者周围听他讲什么。

Gather steam

If something gathers tốc độ, it moves or progresses at an increasing speed.

gather up

1.collect all one"s power fof a strong effort鼓起勇气;打起精神After he had been hit, he got up,gathered himself up and ran off.他被击倒后又爬了起来,振作一下就跑掉了。You"d better gather yourself up khổng lồ try again.你最好鼓起勇气再试一下。He gathered up his strength for a hard job.他集中精力去干一项艰苦的工作。2.pichồng up và place together;accumulate集拢;收集;概括Gathering up his scattered papers,he pushed them inkhổng lồ his case.他将散落的文件收拢起来,放入箱子里。Gathering up the thread of his story,he set about writing.他收集整理了故事的线索,开始写作。The title best gathers up the subject.这个标题把问题很好地概括起来了。We gathered up a great amount of firsthand data.我们收集了大量的第一手资料。

gathering dust

not being used, sitting on a shelf, collecting dust That old coffee tray has been gathering dust for years.

rolling stone gathers no moss|moss|rolling|rolling

A person who changes jobs or where he lives often will not be able to save sầu money or things of his own. A proverb. Uncle Willie was a rolling stone that gathered no moss. He worked in different jobs all over the country.


Idiom(s): woolgathering
Theme: IMAGINATIONdaydreaming. (From the practice of wandering along collecting tufts of sheep"s wool from hedges.)• John never listens to the teacher. He"s always woolgathering.• I wish my new secretary would get on with the work và stop woolgathering.
work like a horse words to that effect word by word woolgathering won"t hold water Woe is me! without so much as without rhyme or reason without further avày without fail
foregathering foregathers foregift foregifts forego foregoer foregoers foregoes foregoing foregone foreground foreground job foreground mode foreground process foregrounds foregut forehand forehanded gather dust 反対 autonym of gather
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